Are we in a bubble? Should you sell?

Hey Keith,

**not an advisor, investment advice blah blah**

I’d do the following if I were you:

1. Assuming $20k is your total limit, I’d follow the formula I mention in the dollar cost averaging PDF i sent in the first email. Break it into 8-10 weeks and buy in each week. The next 2-3 months are a wild card so you want to spread out your time risk as much as your coin risk.

2. I’d stay clear of ETH for the foreseeable future. All the technicals are pointing to low 100’s in the next month. I like BTC (despite the hard fork thing) and LTC.

I’m also pretty big on XMR surprisingly. I stay away from ICOs and only go into small coins if I have a good reason or good information. If you’re still keen on it, I like

AEON (will do a video on why soon)

3. Per the first two points, I’d buy in BTC and LTC slowly on a weekly schedule and have a lot of that cash ready for the next big dip. This week when things went WAY down I cleaned up. I’m already up 80% on Stratis because it bombed so hard on a pretty fat order size. If I didn’t have that cash ready, I never would have been able to do so.

There is nothing more amazing that having free cash during volatile times. If you didn’t see, check out the video I did that shows how this works:

Good luck brother


On Jul 12, 2017, at 5:21 PM, Keith <keithmr> wrote:

Hi Carter,

If I have $20K to invest in crypto, what would you suggest? $5K in BTC, $5K in ETH and the rest (small amts) into ICO's and low cost alt coins?

Any suggestions or just your valuable opinion will be most welcome.