August 1st BTC Hard Fork – What To Know


Hi Carter,

Thanks a bunch for sharing your portfolio with me. I have a few of what you have in the list and I was going to mention PIVX that I have a significant number and yesterday it's price moved a bit. By the way you meant ANS by ANT, correct?

So another big question is about the speculations on the changes that are coming on August 1st on bitcoin possible fork or segwit activation. Do you see a chance of moving some of the bitcoin market cap to other currencies? or vica versa? What's your guess? I picked up some LTC in line with the bitcoin fork and market movement theory.

Again thanks for sharing your ideas.



Hey Vice,

I’ve seen PIVX recently, looks interesting. Going to give it a better look this week.

Nope – I meant Aragon not AntShares. Rumor is that Coinbase is going to list them in the next few months so I’m holding it purely for that.

My own personal opinion is that it’s going to drive up the price pretty big time of BTC which will then be followed by a pretty sizable drop in that coin + the entire eco system market value. Once this issue is resolved we’re going to have to really start looking at what the real life use cases are and I don’t see a lot of them coming through quite yet.

I’m personally buying mostly LTC, Monero and ETC but in pretty small buckets (about $1,000 every time the prices drop more than 10%). The only thing worse than not having coins during a boom is not having cash during the bust.

Hope that helps man.