Bitcoin Drops BIG + How To Catch The Bottoms – BCH Mining Switch, Risk/Reward Buys – CMTV Ep30

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Last night Bitcoin experienced it's largest single day drop in recent history, clocking in a 300+ loss in under a few hours.

Many of you were prepared and had your cash ready…but missed the right dip. How do you know which one is the bottom? What happens now if you didn't spend your cash (or if you spent it all)?

In today's video, you're going to learn:

– What happened with BTC price and how it impacts the future prices
– How to select your “buy” prices and prepare for the next downswing no matter what coin you follow
– Why Bitcoin mining profitability switching back to BTC may lead to increased opportunity for profits
– How to use order books to get big returns with little risk
– Investment funds and algorithmic trading – how it impacts you
– Why tracking trades for taxes, profit/loss statements and general sanity is the best thing you could do this week

See you tomorrow!
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