BTC Hits $4,300 – What’s Next? Using Stop/Loss On Bittrex, DNT Profits, BCash Isn’t Dead – CMTV Ep24

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Bitcoin is seemingly unstoppable, destroying all coins that stand in it's path. Will it continue? Will altcoin prices ever return?

In today's video we're going to look at the recent price surge + how you can ride the upside while protecting yourself from huge crashes.

You'll learn:

– Whether or not BTC is going up or down (my thoughts, at least)
– How to setup stop/loss orders on Bittrex to protect yourself in volatile times
– District0x and it's (un)predictable surge
– Bcash future from Roger Ver
– Valuable lessons from someone who followed the “buy and hold” strategy all the way to losing 400 BTC

See you tomorrow!

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