Buying Alt Coins with Euros


Hi Carter,

Can you recommend an exchange where I can purchase alt coins

with Euro using my bank debit card, or bank xfer.

Also, do you think there will be another fear driven market drop before Aug 1?

Maybe days before fork happens? I figure there are people playing games and

they aren't done with this mythic calandar date yet.




Hey Don!

1. I’m pretty sure allows for purchasing crypto.

To get altcoins, you can’t go from USD -> Alt. You need to go from USD -> BTC or ETH -> Alt

So you would go to Kraken, buy some BTC, then go to Bittrex and buy some Alt using that BTC.

Make sense?

2. Yes. Won’t be as big but there’s going to be some volatility for sure in the coming weeks. August should be mostly bullish, then we prepare for November when the forks actually go down.

Yeah there are a lot of games being played. I just stick to the fundamentals – buy the dips 🙂