How To Capitalize On Profitable ICOs – 0x Project, BTC/Altcoin Price Flows, AdX on NEO – CMTV Ep 26

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Did you get your ZRX coins today? Or did you miss out completely? No matter who you are or what your income level, you should know exactly how to capitalize on ICOs as soon as possible to get some potentially life changing returns.

In this video you're going to learn:

– What's going on with Bitcoin and why it's moving up + down (again)
– How the “money” flow may impact your investing decisions
– Altcoin Price movements and how to predict them more accurately
– The 0xProject ICO and what I messed up + why it's not exactly what it seems
– AdX commits to NEO Platform + how you can use this info to make better trades
– District0x FOMO reminder – Always Buy The Dip
– The most important factor in new ICOs

See you tomorrow! And thank you for watching.

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