Civic & OMG Crush Bittrex! Time to Buy More? Fidelity Lists Crypto, Stratis Price Calls – CMTV Ep 22

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WOW what a day to own $CVC and $OMG! If you've been following this channel for a few weeks, hopefully you bought these two coins.

Today we're going to dive into how this all happened + what insights it can give you for future trades. There are patterns forming in the market and clues that can point to next market movers.

In this video you'll learn:

– OMG and CVC going big – what you need to know + whether you should buy in (or more)
– Fidelity listing crypto via Coinbase ($2.3 Trillion dollars!)
– Ethereum's new scaling solution Plasma
– Civic's Chinese Exchange listing
– My live Stratis call this morning on Twitter
– Cognitive biases + how to divorce yourself from emotional trading

See you soon!

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