How do you make fast money on the exchanges?

I have a few questions

What kind of coins should you buy? Bitcoin? Ethereum? Altcoins?

How do you make fast money on the exchanges?

I like DCA Style for Crypto investing, but I’m a little more aggressive than that. What should I do in your opinion? I know, you are not responsible for my investments and that you only give advice based on your experience. Please help me out.

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Hey MoonDude,

You got it. Note that you’ll receive more emails in the coming days that will answer a lot of these questions but I’ll summarize below.

1. I buy mostly large coins with great teams and something unique about them. That’s why I bought ETH at $7 (only ppl doing smart contracts, Vitalik is a genius. Same with LTC at $17 (Charlie is awesome, much better platform than BTC for transactions).

I also really like Monero and Zcash because they’re the top privacy coins.

Altcoins are about 15% of my portfolio. I tend to be more risk averse than many people so that number can change. I’m also in a position where 15% is still a lot of money so if any of them go big it’s worth it.

2. Make money fast on exchanges – it’s all about volatility. I NEVER thought I would trade short term but it’s so easy with crypto I’ve done it a few times.

Just wait until you get a day where everything goes down 10-20%, wait until it starts going back up, buy in, then sell for a fast 5-10% gain. I’ve done this like 10 times already haha.

For what it’s worth, I just follow Chris and Rocky’s strategies. If you’re interested in that you should check out the training they did last week:

3. If you want to be more aggressive, you should learn how to read some of the technical charts and just trade the ups and downs. When you sell, just sell off the amount that covers the principle so the profits stay in a Long position and you can capitalize on any big upside down the road.

Definitely the fastest money you can make w/ the highest returns.

Hope that helps!