How Much Should You Invest In Each Coin?

Hey Carter,

I have bought a few coins invested a little bit right now but i have money to invest. Currently using coinbase and poloniex for exchange. I have bought 400 dollar worth of bitcoin and etherium and also 100 dollar worth of RIPPLE and LISK coin.

What do you suggest how much should i invest and what coins.I am doing my research on all of these but i feel like bitcoin and etherium i bought too late and probably not best decision .

Please advise i am all in into this.

Also what coins are you buy and how much are you investing plus whats a good strategy as far as getting the right coins.



Hey RocketMan!

Nice to see you here 🙂 Here’s my thoughts but please note that this isn’t professional advice.

1. What to invest – depends on how long you want to be in the market + how long you want to wait. If you’re in for a few years, buy any of the big ones – BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, XMR, ZCASH are the ones I like but I think they’ll all do well (including ripple etc) over the long term.

2. Bitcoin – not too late. It’s going to have some issues with Aug 1 but it won’t be much. ETH is going to come down I would bet but it’s a solid platform.

All I can tell you is that I bought into ETH at $8 and I thought it was WAY overpriced at $20. Then I thought it was crazy at $50. You just need to keep reminding yourself about the sheer size of this market. If you believe it can go big, then these coins could easily be $5,000 each. Maybe not, but history has shown that people are usually wrong about what’s possible haha


3. The best strategy is to only buy when you see a big (10-15%) dip in the market. 2nd thing is never sell 🙂

Hope this helps!