How Would You Approach The August 1st Split?


Dear Carter,

I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with your newsletter and coin mastery TV. I have recently become interested in the crypto world, and am looking to get into it. 

I find your information on trading skills very useful, even for a complete newbie, although I think for now I won’t be getting into the day to day trading but more into the buy and hold. I am not a big trader, just looking for a fun and lucrative way to do something more efficient with my savings (say to start with around 3-4000 dollars.). 

I am wondering if maybe you would also see an opportunity to go into the current situation, with everyone being nervous for the 1 august event. For me personally, not knowing enough about what the different scenarios are is holding me back from making my first investment in Bitcoin and Ether.

I would be interested to have some insights in the possibilities of crypto’s diving or perhaps increasing around august 1. As a newbie non day to day trader that probably won’t be able to make any actions to cut any losses, but does want to profit from a increase that might be taking off around now, it is difficult to make any decision on whether or not to wait until things clear up. >

Of course I realise you won’t be able to respond these questions directly, I just thought maybe it could be a topic for your next TV episode as there are probably a lot more newbies like me out there following you. >

Kind regards,


Hey Calvin!

Thanks for the email.

1. I touch on this in today’s episode, so check that out first.

2. I’m like you – I don’t really buy much day to day but i DO check the trends a lot. I’m interested and it’s important to know what’s going on.

The fundamentals are everything man. Over the last 10 years I’ve made a lot of $$ investing and it always came back to the same stuff.

– dollar cost averaging (spread out your timing)
– research
– keeping emotions out of it

If I were you that’s exactly what I’d do. Just start buying in very slowly. $100 today, maybe $100 next week, whatever. Don’t worry about the August 1st thing – no matter what happens it will be a blip in the radar in 6 months.

The first few buy-ins are always the most nerve racking and usually they end up going down immediately haha. Just keep it slow and steady. Bitcoin/the market is going to go a lot bigger over the coming years so it’s way more important to just start investing now vs waiting for the exact right time.

Hope that helps!