Monero Rockets To $120! How To Get Insider Information, Buying The Dip, BTC Price Floor – CMTV Ep29

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Over the weekend we saw altcoins move up and down while Monero (XMR) blew to the top of Bittrex with it's crazy price surge!

What makes this interesting is that I posted to all my Twitter followers 48 hours prior that they should keep an eye on this very coin…

In today's video, you're going to learn:

– What's going on with BTC and whether or not you need to sell
– How to determine the prices that dictate “dips” so you can buy more effectively
– How to get insider information in creative ways
– The two questions you always need to ask yourself to win in this business
– What to do when you start making a lot of money

See you tomorrow!

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