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Hi Carter. Some great information. If possible, could I ask you a few questions? Has trading made you money? I'm just asking as a beginner who is looking to learn and get started. Also, what is coin mastery? And lastly, what is the reason for all of is, what is in it for you? Once again just asking so I know I can trust the information I am receiving off you. Many thanks.



Hey CoinGuy,

Great questions, happy to answer.

1. Yes it has made me money but I have just bought long + held. I bought ETH, BTC and LTC early and a handful of other alt coins at good prices. I don’t do day trading but I certainly watch daily to identify good opportunities to buy in (today might be a good one actually :). This isn’t small potatoes either – they are all sizable investments.

2. For a beginner, the best thing to do is take it one step at at time. Get a Coinbase account. Buy $100 worth of bitcoin. Hold it for a few days and get used to owning it. Start to research other coins. Wait for the market to drop.

Be patient. This is going to be around for years to come and opportunities will always arise. Emotions ruin returns.

3. Coin Mastery is something I started because I see so much terrible information in Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. There are lot of people who are WAY smarter than I am when it comes to technical analysis and also people who are a lot smarter when it comes to blockchain.

Yet I’ve probably made more $$ than 90% of them just because I follow the fundamentals on investing. I wanted a place to share that information and build a community.

4. I’ve built multiple online businesses around the idea of a trusted community based on content. It’s not altruistic – every so often I’ll promote something that I believe in and have tested. But it will be like 10 valuable emails for every 1 that offers something else (and even those won’t be pushy).

I do this because that’s how I make pay the bills and also because I think it’s totally fine to promote stuff that works.

Hope that helps man. Feel free to ask any questions, comments, etc.