How To Rebalance Your Crypto Portfolio + NEO Overtaking BTC + District0x Arbitrage? CMTV Ep 23

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This week brought HUGE gains for many of you and proof of gains for many others! Congrats to everyone involved, I hope you celebrate accordingly.

We've been talking about index funds and rebalancing portfolios a bit and I wanted to start the discussion. I'm learning how to do this correctly in crypto and will be sharing as I go in order to maximize gains, minimize risk and eventually put it on autopilot through software.

We'll also discuss:

– AdEx's meteoric morning (300%+ in 2 hours?!)
– NEO volume
– Which of the top performers have more room to grow
– Rebalancing article + spreadsheet
– District0x voting and Bittrex arbitrage potential
– FileCoin ICO and what it means for the market (and you)

See you tomorrow!

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