What Coins Am I Holding? June 2017

Hello Carter,

Thanks for all the good information you’re giving out. It’s really good for me (a newbie just starting out).

Here’s a screenshot of my enrolment, I’m really curious to see your coin selections.

Again, thanks for the value man.

Kind Regards,


Hey Astronaut,

Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying the content. My coin selections/holdings right now:



Group 1 – no surprises, probably 85% of my holdings. Personally, I’m skeptical of ETH with the way the ICO stuff is playing out but I rarely sell to make sure I don’t get hosed on taxes lol. I think there will be a big correction when the gov’t steps in to regulate but I think long term it will come back.

Group 2 – I think Monero has a big future. I love that it has a proven market (dark web) and I think a lot of high net worth people will be attracted to it. Think about the trillions of dollars that were going through Panama, Cayman islands, etc. Monero is perfect for them.

Also find that anytime a great product is slowly improving but no one likes it, it usually ends up being at the top long term. A weird byproduct of market dynamics (short term interests rarely match long term interests).

Third – I can’t get over the fact that people can see how much BTC is in other people’s wallets. I think that’s going to be a huge deal – ask anyone you know if they’d be cool with anyone they send BTC to being able to see their balance. Monero gets a bad rap for being “privacy” which people equate with “sketchy” when in reality, our current credit card + banking system is as private + anonymous as it gets. I think that the wider public will adopt this much more easily than these public blockchains.

AEON is a huge lotto ticket but they have a really interesting tech and a really killer founding developer. It’s basically the Litecoin of Monero. It could go to zero. It could be f'ing huge. Right now it’s a total sleeper with no volume, which I love. I hate the hyped up bullshit haha

ANT and REP – rumor is they’ll be listed on Coinbase this summer which would easily 2x-3x the market cap instantly. Can’t confirm but figure it can’t hurt to own (similar to what I mentioned in my email #2 – watch the news and exchanges)

STEEM – I like the platform and community a lot. Saw a huge dip so I bought in.

Good luck brother