What’s Your Opinion Of Antshares?


Hey Carter !

Thanks for the great info you've been sending over time. Its been a great help. I've also started investing in crypto coins lately. Hope things go well. I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

Wanted to know your opinion/thoughts regarding Antshares. Internet has a lot decent reviews but i want to confirm from a reliable source.



Hey Kuldip,

Thanks for the email. Glad you are enjoying it!

Antshares – I think there’s certainly something there with China but I’m always apprehensive when everyone else thinks they found the holy grail. Often that means the price has included a lot of that optimism.

I think ANS would be interesting if I saw it go down big time like we saw with Stratis the other day. You can do a short term trade or use it as a great cheap buy in.

ANS is a good example where you want to follow the technicals more than the headlines, if that makes sense. The future – I really have no idea. Anyone who tells you they do know (unless they’re close to the company) is probably making it up.

Hope that helps!