Where Do You Buy Civic (CVC) Tokens?


Hey Carter !

Thanks for the info. I've been watching your daily Feeds and i love them. Its a great help. I am new to cryptocurrency world and your feeds provide great help.

Now, i need ur help again.

1. I want to buy Civic Coins. And since the crowd sale is already over, where do i buy them now ? I see on internet that people say that it can be purchsed on bittrex. Now, i've never used ‘Bittrex', so you please tell me whether i can buy ‘Civic' using dollars $.

Can i buy it on Kraken ?

2. Also, i feel that with a lots of hacking happing these days, how do i keep my coins safe on my personal computer without even getting connected to the internet.

I mean is there any option that i download a software wallet, buy coins from coinbase/kraken/bittrex and then download them on my personal computer and keep them safe?

I'd grateful for your help in this matter.



Hey Kul,

1. Go signup for an account at www.bittrex.com

You will need to convert your USD into BTC on something like Coinbase or Gemini first. Then you send them over to your Bittrex account

Once the BTC is in your bittrex account, you will be able to buy CVC

2. I use Trezor: http://amzn.to/2ueJS3T

It’s definitely the safest and best option. Everything is offline. It doesn’t cover everything but it’s very good.

Hope that helps!