Where To Get Up To Date Crypto News

Great man. Thank you for all the tips.

One thing I’m kinda struggling with is getting the news on coins and exchanges, which are most up to date, which ones are true.

Do you have 2-3 websites or forums that are your go-tos when it comes to getting news about Crypto?

It would be a great help if you can share some!

Thank you,



Hey MoonDude,

I wish there were dedicated places I could point you to. Here are some ideas that have worked:

1. I follow as many of the employees of the companies as I can on Twitter, Reddit, Steemit, etc. Often these people make slip ups or reference new stuff they’re working on that gives clues. Like the Product Manager of Coinbase retweeting the Augur guys over and over again without ever doing the same for other coins.

2. Reddit usually has some good people sniffing around. Just search in there and you’ll find some.

3. Going to live events or conferences and actually meeting people. This may be tough depending on geography but is without question the best way to get the information before it hits the news stand.

Hope that helps