Will Bitcoin Bounce Back? NYSE Looks At Bitcoin, Futures Impact, Binance + ICOs, Ray Dalio – Ep196

Bitcoin dipped below the top of the triangle and is holding for another shot at $10k. We'll also talk about news and how it relates to potentially better prices…if done correctly.


NYSE + BTC: https://cointelegraph.com/news/nyt-new-york-stock-exchange-owner-wants-to-let-customers-buy-bitcoin
Binance + ICO: https://medium.com/binanceexchange/icos-not-just-good-to-have-but-necessary-543916b7e76
Fed + Futures: https://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/publications/economic-letter/2018/may/how-futures-trading-changed-bitcoin-prices/
SEC Hearing: https://science.house.gov/sites/republicans.science.house.gov/files/documents/HHRG-115-SY21-20180507-SD001.pdf
Ray Dalio Principles: https://www.principles.com/principles-for-success/

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